As God Intended – Columbia Newport Ten-Speed Part 2


This past weekend I started working on my Columbia Newport 10-speed. First, of course, I aired up the tires and took it for spin. Due to the 15 degree temps, the ride was shorter than I would have liked, but it was long enough to make it painfully apparent that this frame is way too small for me – I felt a bit like an ape on a tricycle.  After my short cold ride, I tore down the bike to a bare frame and evaluated the overall condition.  I only found a few glaring issues that will require a couple new parts. The rear wheel has a broken spoke, one of the stem shifters is broken and the rear brake is missing.  Not bad for a bike that has been sitting in a burn for 15 years.  My projected expenses for this project are as follows:

  1. Shifters $10
  2. Chain $8
  3. Cables $10
  4. Tires? $25
  5. Spoke Repair $30

Total Investment $83!

Ok, the broken spoke in really screwing up my $50 budget!  I do have an additional rear wheel in inventory, but that will just require a new wheel for a future project. Stay tuned…

Here are some before and after shots of the derailers, a picture of my Sugino crank and my newly acquired shifters.


The light beige finish is complimented nicely by a wide array of chips and scratches.


  • randy

    hey – why is the spoke repair going to cost you $30? you’re clearly a capable mechanic; can’t you get a replacement spoke from your local shop and install it yourself? wheel truing isn’t the dark art it’s sometimes portrayed to be… best luck, and great site.

  • The Ten-Speed Dreamer

    I’m still up in the air on it. I’ve considered replacing it myself, but I need to invest in a truing stand (good investment I suppose). In the interest of time and not f’n the wheel up more, I thought I would take it to my LBS.


  • Gabe

    I just picked up a Columbia Lexington 10 speed from the old couple I do yard for near my college campus. It was sitting in their barn too. It looks exactly like the one you found save that it’s baby blue with red, white, and blue decals. All it needs is a good cleaning and new tires. Once that’s finished I’m gonna ride it ’til I hurt, being that this is my first road bike.

    Hope to see your finished product soon.

  • joe DeMars

    Hey, looks like a good project, I just picked up a Columbia 12 speed. Do you know of any sites that provide a history on these bikes or know some history your self?

  • Ken

    I have a Lexington