As God Intended – Columbia Newport Ten-Speed Part 3

It has been just over three month’s since my last installment of As God Intended. Half a dozen non-10-speed projects have been keeping the Columbia sidelined. Finally, I got some time this weekend and I have a small report on my progress.

As you may remember(but not likely), I had a broken spoke on the drive side of the rear wheel—a two week stay at the LBS and $35 later, I have a new spoke and two true wheels. With the wheels repaired, it was time to get rid of the 15 years of rust, barn schmuck and buildup. My trusty steel wool, a can of Nevr-Dull and an hour each was all it took to have them looking better than new.



I decided, against my own advice, to do a partial repaint of the frame. I made this decision based on a couple of factors. 1) The paint was badly chipped—and worse—the chips were badly rusted. 2) The frame color was a very generic Kitchen Appliance Almond, and in a trip to the Wal-Mart paint section I was able to find a near perfect(enough) match.

I started the painting process by roughing up the entire frame and took the rusty sections down to bare metal. I left 95% of the original paint intact for a good base. I then taped off the sticker decals to preserve it’s 1978 heritage. I hit it with a couple coats of primer, did a little wet sanding, then hit it with the first coat of color. I will be finishing up the color sometime this week and then I will start(attempt) to retouch the decals. I may clear coat it for good measure, but I won’t decide that until I see how the color and decals come out.


  • Gene Milburn

    Do you have any information on another model the Columbia “Lexington” 10 speed? I just bought an old one. It’s tires (26X1-1/4″) are badly dry rotted and the seat is pretty ragged but the frame, gearing and brakes seem to be fine.

    I intend to restore it as well but would like some support (manual, other web sites whatever). I need a source for replacement white-walled tires, tubes, etc. Any suggestions?

    How is your project progressing?

  • Tommy Gibbs

    what size wheels does that bike have? i just picked the same thing up for 20 bucks and it needs new tires and tubes

    • The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      26 x 13/8