Monday Market – 1970s Mercier Bikes For Sale

Last week a reader, Bluenoser, sent me this Mercier he found on Kijiji Halifax Nova Scotia. They are asking $350 for this vintage Shimano 600 equipped bike.



Mercier’s current Reynolds 853 steel 600/Ultegra level bike has a $2500 msrp?!

Derby King also has a vintage Mercier for sale. Unlike the Mercier above, this model is outfitted with French components (Is that a good thing?) No price listed.


I also found this Mercier for sale in the Miami area. It is posted on both clist and ListSomething. They are asking $200.

  • Wilco


    The mercier below, the green one (type tour de france), I have the same one buyd last week. It’s a old one but in a great condition. Is it the 200 dollar worth wath they asked?

    With kind regarts,

    Wilco Stegeman
    The Netherlands

  • The Ten-Speed Dreamer

    I think $200 is a fair price. I’ve seen worse for more.

  • katie

    I just saw a Mercier (1970s) in decent condition for sale on Craigslist here for $70…opinions?? Right now I’m riding a Schwinn World Sport from 1986 and I have no idea if the Mercier would be an upgrade or a downgrade.

  • andrew

    it would most definitely be an upgrade