Monday Market: 1975 Royce Union Sutton Supreme

Today please welcome back the proper Monday Market. This is Mr.CatMan Doo’s 1975 Royce Union Sutton Supreme and it’s for sale. You don’t have to look long to know this is a bit of a project bike. But hey, that’s why we’re here for. To turn trash to treasure, shit to gold, mountains  to molehills and so on. Leave a comment, if you’re interested.  Mr. Doo did not indicate his location, nor did I ask. This baby is located in Albany, NY (I’m not responsible for the contents of this ad, the bike, the seller, or the space in your garage where this bike will sit. Nor is it be expressed or implied.)


1975 Sutton Supreme Royce Union
Color: Brown
Selling the bike as you see in the photos(I have back rim too if you want it) to someone who wants to restore with some of existing parts or build from just the frame only with all new parts.

I have not decided on a price. Will listen to all offers.

I rode the bike mostly from the years 1981-1985. My brother rode the bike sparingly from 1975 when it was new until 1978. Bike has had much use. I rode 25 miles or so just two years ago. Needs a bottom bracket so it will petal smoothly. I have the back rim and original spinwheel on another old bike I ride . Front rim you see in pics is original as well. To fully restore bike you’ll have to put a new seat, brake cables, perhaps some brake parts, tape for handlebars, new bottom bracket, new gear cables, 2 new tires and paint job.

Let me know at above e-mail [Post to the comment section] if you’d like to make a cash offer or barter a trade w/ me. Thank You.

  • John h

    That bike doesnt look all that bad. His yard has bigger problems with drainage from what I can tell. But why the electric tape around the seat and top tube? With the wheel missing I’d have to classify it as a stationary bike. Ltms =)

  • BeaterRezQ

    Let’s see…
    with a new powdercoat paint job, a set of alloy rims, tubes and tires, a new seat(maybe a mattress saddle?), cables and housing…then I could replace cottered crank with three piece Sugino alloy crank–after I change out bottom bracket. New bar wrap, and new block pedals…I think it could be done.
    Now, let me go ask the Little Lady…if I don’t come back, she said NO.

  • Rok Stubelj

    Hello, I want to ask if sombody knows where can i find stickers of Royce Union sutton-supreme? I’m working on restoration of one from 75. Or maybe if someone can send me pictures of the stickers? I will make new one. email:

    many thanks