At the Bike Swap

I loaded up Mrs. Ten Speed and little baby mixte Ten Speed on Saturday and headed out to a bike swap happening near us.  They called it a bike swap, but it was really more of a LBS closeout  emporium.  Needless to say, there was not a lot of old crappy 10-speed stuff just lots of new crappy 11-speed or higher stuff.  Swaps of any kind are a hit or miss endeavor.  When you’re not looking for anything specific you will often just wander around looking for something to justify the time and expense of attending.  As is what I did.  I picked up little something for myself, and I picked up a little something all of you too.

Here are two of the notable OTS I spied:

1983 Puch Alpina – $200


1985 Panasonic Team Europe I – $600


The prices are listed for reference only, please do not contact me regarding the sale of these bikes.  I only snapped the pictures and did not take down the seller information. Sorry.

  • John Goodman

    The 1985 Panasonic Team Europe I looks identical (right down to the rear stay scratches and missing seat tube decal) to the one I purchased for a friend at the Harper College bike swap this weekend. This team is a low mile, rare issue hand built. This model was built by an NJS frame builder and in very limited quantity. Absolutely beautiful even with a few scratches. The only non-stock part on the bike is the stem. It should have had the Nitto Pearl but someone swapped it for a shorter one that looks like the Pearl but isn’t. Anyone have a 100mm Nitto Pearl they would like to sell?


    • Cameron

      John, this Panie looks the same because IT IS THE SAME. I spied it at last years bike swap at Harper. How’d you like the swap? A lot of people and a lot of merch this year. Did you happen to see the gorgeous orange World Voyager at the same booth as the Panasonic? I tried to get some good pics of it, but only had the camera on my phone. The other “highlight” of the show, to me, was the gold metallic NOS Sanwa frame for $50, unfortunately it was a 53cm and I DON’T need another bike.

      • John Goodman


        Every year, I look forward to the Harper College bike swap. It is close to home and always seems to have what I am looking for at unbelievable prices.

        Yes, I saw that orange Voyageur when it rolled into the show (same guy as the Pani). At first, I thought it a Paramount with those beautiful chrome lugs but upon closer look, saw it was a Voyageur. These Panasonic made bikes are IMHO, some of the best touring bikes out there. What would have made them near perfect would have been canti brakes. But that doesn’t detract from their function one bit. Can you tell I own a Schwinn Voyageur too?

        So many bikes this year, it was hard to pick a favorite. The bike barn was swelling with iron this year and that was great. And, BTW, none of us need another bike but…if the right one happens to present itself, well, that is another story.



    thanks for the puch info i just picked one up and restored it nice . this is a great bike !!!