Monday Market V-Day Edition – How ‘Bout a Ten Speed for Valentine’s Day

Gentlemen, don’t look now, but Valentine’s Day is only 10 days away. I know she probably hasn’t mentioned it, but I’m pretty sure your (girlfriend, wife or otherwise) would really like someone else’s old ten-speed this Valentine’s Day.
Below, I have assembled an extensive list of women’s 10-speeds from around the country. These bikes range in price from $15-$160, and one is sure to make her heart flutter. Save yourself the time and headache of shopping for a more traditional V-day gift, and pick-up one of these beauties for your beauty today.

Sears Free Spirit $200 $160
Sears Free Spirit 10-speed For Sale
Cocoa Beach
Raleigh $15
Raleigh 10-speed For Sale

Long Beach
Schwinn $95
Schwinn 10-speed For Sale
Centurion $110
Centurion 10-speed For Sale

Schwinn $85
Schwinn 10-speed For Sale
Royal Enfield $35
Royal Enfield 10-speed For Sale

Huffy $65
Huffy 10-speed For Sale
Huffy $40
Huffy 10-speed For Sale

New York
Ross $75
Ross 10-speed For Sale
Takara $150
Takara 10-speed For Sale

Schwinn $120
Schwinn 10-speed For Sale
San Jose
Raleigh $100
Raleigh 10-speed For Sale

  • Laura Vingada

    Now, I’d like a nice vintage/old 10 speed for Valentine’s Day, but I don’t think there are many other women who would. I asked a couple of my friends what they would do if they’re significant other bought them a 10 speed for V-Day and the answers were too violent to repeat here.

    Maybe I’m just “special” but the baby blue Schwinn from Long Beach looked pretty cute.

  • The Ten-Speed Dreamer

    Laura, I really liked the Schwinn from Long Beach too. To top it all off, it even comes with a handlebar bag and a frame pump. That’s really three gifts for the price of one. I’m not a cheap skate, I just know a bargain when I see one.