Monday Market – Hugh’s 1975 Schwinn Traveler For Sale

Today we have a nicely restored 1975 Schwinn Traveler for sale on The bike’s owner, Hugh, is asking $175. We know from seeing all the competing 10-speeds on Craigs List that $175 is a great price for a refurbished old ten-speed. Hugh also appears to be restoring it while trying to sell it at the same time; I assume this to build interest in the project.

Hugh's Restored 1975 Schwinn Traveler

I’m very intrigued by the level of retro grouch Hugh appears to be. His refusal to route the brake cables of his new aero-levers under the bar wrap, speaks volumes for his commitment to the-old-way-beyond-reason. I remember when I was young and impressionable, I actually tried to route the brake cables of my non-aero levers under the bar wrap. At 13, I would have loved a set of aero-levers for my 48 pound, 1983 Murray 10-speed! And to think, this guy has the nerve to take a perfectly good set of aeros and completely disregard their aero-ness!

Hugh's Restored 1975 Schwinn Traveler

I would also like to know Hugh’s motivation for the ridiculously low position of these new levers. My wrists are crapping just looking at them.

  • Kevin McCombs

    I just picked up a Schwinn Traveler for next to nothing and its in beautiful condition. There is a little pitting on the front crank cover and on the cap on the bottom of the stem. Other than that, its beautiful. Its a nice blue metalic color with hardly a blemish at all on the frame. I just did 20 miles on it and I guess what surprised me was how easy a single piece crank could pedal. I was always under the impression that they pedaled harder than a three piece but sure not the case with this bike. And I love the spring in the steel frame. Not sure of the year but will make a nice bike to hop on and do a few miles now and then.

  • The Ten-Speed Dreamer


    Be sure to send it in, so we all can get a look.


  • Billy Wilson

    Sorry to ask a dumb question. I need to take off the right side crank bearing retainer. Do you know if it is right hand threads or left hand threads. I have put a lot of torque on it assuming right hand threads, but it’s not budging. Any advice?

  • John Lynch

    I purchased a Schwinn Traveler for $20 in “mint condish” as my Chicago bike (when I’m in town on business). Looks much like this one probably did when it was in its original state. I’m sorry but these klunkers are not fun to ride. It’s heavy, doesn’t handle well, stem mounted shifters are inconvenient, and stock pedals are bad. There’s a reason bike design has come such a long way since these guys ruled the road. Once you ride a modern bike with real “snap”, going back to the OTS is tough to do.

  • Bill Hails

    Just got back from riding my 78-79 traveler III. It’s a great old bike. On my ride I stopped by the bike shop to talk to the owner. He told me the bike was about 20-25 yrs old, I had now idea? I bought it from my brothers roommate about 15 yrs ago for $100 bucks.I love the way it rides. So I google it, the webs a great place. Have fun.

  • Adrian

    i just picked up a travler (1970’s) i believe and its amazing i love it. im thinking about re-wraping the bars and mabey getting some new leavers on it, but besides that its an amazing, i ride it in the city on my way to school, and thought on if i should convert it to single speed or mabey even a fixie.?

  • Derrick

    I recently purchased a Schwinn traveler at rummage sale for $3 it needs to be cleaned up, but seems ok mechanically. It was made in Taiwan, but I have no idea how old it is. Any ideas? It is powder blue, extra lite frame and 10 speeds, handle bars taped rather than foam any ideas.

  • Chip Vesely

    I have a traveler that is red an is in good shape. My friend got it at a rumage sale an ask If I would like to have it.. an I said sure..that was 3 yrs ago an have been keeping it in doors during the winter months, But I am needing to replace the chain.. an the sprockets on the rear wheel.. any suggtions as to where I can have this done..people ask me if they can buy it an I tell them, give me $100.00 an it is yours.. but no one has yet..

  • Nancy L. Fagin

    I have a Schwinn Traveler that I bought from my daughter in-law. Dark red/maroon with silver grey. At first, compared to my Performance 203R, I thought I was riding a stiff-legged camel, but after someone stole the Performance, I started riding the Traveler as my working/hauling bike and I’ve grown to really like it’s proportions and frequency – especially when I hit the rubber strips on highway bridges. But what year is it? Is there a “Complete Catalogue of Schwinn Bikes, 1890-2010” out there?