Main Street Bicycle’s Peugeot 10-Speed Auction

Are you looking for a solid, well kept (read lightly ridden) late 70s Peugeot? Look no further! If your in Chicago area, you now have the opportunity to own this very bike. You just need to the highest bidder between now and February 11th. To enter the bidding, visit this album on facebook, and leave your bid in the comment section. Not on Facebook? Fear not! Call Main Street Bicycles at (847)783-0362 and tell them you want to bid on the Peugeot you saw on the Old Ten Speed Gallery! You can also email your bid to the shop at:

That’s it!  What could make this deal even sweeter?

The winning bid will then be matched by MSB and  donated to Jose Merlos (FB and WP) and his efforts to raise money to build a water well in Cameroon, Africa.

I’ve said enough, now go get your bid on!

  • Jim Bob

    Oh come on! No picture of the head badge? I have one of these bikes and the head badge is awesome!

  • BeaterRezQ

    What a lovely, luggy old bike…but I need another bike like Mitt Romney needs Brylcreem.
    Besides, Chicago is way too far for me to travel….meet me halfway?

  • John h

    Nice idea, maybe we can auction off BRQ’s Raleigh Mountain Tour bike to eliminate the national debt…

    • BeaterRezQ

      lol dude!
      NOT for sale…I put a lot of time and effort into that little bike. If our government would put selfsame effort into fixing our national debt–we could make sure that every household had at least one Ruffy or luggy Peugeot in the garage.