Monday Market: Bringing Crappy Back: Coca-Cola 10-Speed

It’s been a long time since my last “Monday Market” posting, and that’s just not right. Leading off this new era is a gem to be sure.

This beauty is sitting at $.99 with 4 days left, and the seller only want $125 to ship it.  Now you may think that’s unreasonable sum for shipping, but being a proud owner of a couple 24″ girls Huffys, I can tell you, he’s not too far off. I promise you, he only stands to make about $13.75 off shipping.

But seriously, if you wanted to flip this baby, you could probably sell it to some rabid Coca-Cola knickknack collector at 300% profit.


  • edh

    I am sure someone out there want this bike, not me but someone.

  • MikeMan

    I have one of these coca cola bikes. Got it at a garage sale. It has never touched the road. It is spotless. I want to sell it. Can anyone tell me anything about it?

    • bpwnz

      Picked up one of these off craig’s list for my girlfriend with a little rust damage and some bad tires, and some dings in the rims. Fixed it up nice, but also can’t find anything about this bike. Would love to know more?

      Her’s is a 26″ and has standard upright handle bars, aside from that it’s pretty much identical with the same yellow cable housings and all. I should take a good pic to submit, maybe it will pull some info out of the woodwork.