Monday Market – The Future is Bright

Bobby—friend of OTSG, purveyor of all sorts of bikey goodness and all around good fella—sent in this recent blockbuster acquisition. Bobby is the proprietor of the curiously named He always has a nice selection of old and not so old road bikes, and I am sure most of these pictured have made their way into his inventory.  So if you see one in the pile that you like and you live in central Virginia, I can think of no better place to buy your next OTS.


Hi Cameron
I’ve been so busy with bikes this season it’s unreal. Every once in a while you run into a great deal on bikes and I thought you’d like to see my “great deal” of the season. I was rolling a bike around at a local flea market a couple months ago and this older fellow started following me around. He said he had a basement full of bikes he wanted to sell as he needed the space. What you see in the pictures is what he had stored in his basement. 36 bikes total, from the 1950’s on up to the mid 80’s. Took 3 trips in my van and all we could pile on the truck to get all of them. The first 3 I sold paid for the lot and I still have a few old tank bikes for winter projects.
Keep up the great work!

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  • Mark

    My jealousy knows no bounds. What a find! They look gorgeous. Glad to see they will be finding riders.

  • Steve Grimmer

    For the love of all that is real and steel, and true and good, that is amazing. Good job, Bobby!

  • Bob

    I’m jealous as well. My wife would kill me.

  • bill

    do you have any left