New Classics – Own the OTS of Tomorrow Today

In case you haven’t noticed, today’s bicycle market is experiencing a unprecedented boom. The reasons for the current boom are many, and I’m not about to delve in to topics I am most unqualified to discuss — I do that enough already. What I would like to do instead, is give you a peek at the old crappy bikes of tomorrow. Just browse over to or and you will find a wide array of road bikes ranging from $129-$1598. The craigslist market value (CMV) for OTS is continuing to climb well in to the $100s thanks, I like to think, to the relentless proselytizing by yours truly. So if you would rather own a new crappy bike instead of someone else’s old crappy bike there is a plethora from which to choose.

Women’s Kent GMC Denali $129 or $149

At 29lbs, this Denali bike is sure to burn as many calories as the Denali SUV burns gas.


Men’s Kent GMC Denali $129 or $149

Creative handlebar/brake configuations are encouraged!


GMC Envoy Road Bike $136

This Envoy sports a popular brake lever mis-placement as well as open air brake cables.


Schwinn Varsity $198

Schwinn offers this new take on the classic Varsity for about $50 more than you’ll pay for a 1970s vintage Varsity on craigslist. However, this new version appears to be sans the much needed chrome pie plate.


Lamborghini Rapido Road Bike $199

Like many other luxury car manufacturers, Lamborghini now makes a bike version of their exotic sports cars. Just like it’s car cousins, this bike looks like its going fast even when it’s sitting still!


Cadillac Elite Road Series RLE1.8 $800

If you’ve got an extra $650 laying around, you would be silly not to snap up this limited edition Caddy road bike. If this seems too pricey, remember, Cadillac offers one year of free OnStar with the purchase. Still need more convincing? Just ask this happy customer about his new Caddy!


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