“Old 10-Speed” Craigslist Field Trip

With the weather finally showing some signs of spring, I think a OTSG field trip to craigslist.org is in order. I’ll let you wear shorts and bring a sack lunch; we’re going to have picnic at the park afterward. Hop on the OTSG express, an old school bus turned old church bus turned hippie hauler.

We’ll be taking the Google expressway to get there. I love the “site:” route. We’ll turn left at the sign labeled “old 10-Speed” via site:craigslist.org. By going this route, we will be high above C-Land where we can view the entire landscape. Let’s see what lies below.

C-Land has seen an increasing number of WTBs for “old 10-speeds” and surprisingly ad posters don’t appear to be looking for perspective FG/SS conversions! Sure, most of these are more than likely bike flippers cashing in on the hottest trend to hit cycling since Biopace—The Old Ten Speed Scene—but I’m more inclined to see these WTBs as a fundamental movement toward sensibility amongst our (c)ranks. A mass casting aside of pretension and vanity for truer more independent and economical approach to one’s two wheeled transit.

Wanted- old road bikes (Suwanee)


I am looking for old “10 speed” or otherwise road bikes to buy. They don’t have to be in perfect condition. Please email me a photo, brief description, your location, and asking price. If I am interested, I can come pick it up and will pay with cash.

WANTED Old 10 speed (18104)


I am looking for an old ten sped style bike- mostly just for the frame & fork. must be a larger frame. something over 57cm/22in. poor paint, flat tires, and/or rusty components are okay! reply with a picture and you asking price!

WTB: Broken Road Bike / 10 speed – $75 (South Minneapolis)


Got an old 10 speed (road bike) with issues? Torn/missing seat? Doesn’t shift right?, broken/bent wheels? Doesn’t matter to me.

I’m looking for something to fix up and I have a few spare parts. The frame and fork must be in good condition. Dust, dirt, a few scratches or chips in the paint are OK but I’d like something that looks pretty decent over all assuming it were cleaned up. A seat post, handle bars and at least semi-functional brakes are a plus. The rest I don’t care too much about.

Size: I need something in the neighborhood of 54 cm. If the seat tube measures around 21 inches (not including the seat post) it’ll be pretty close. Another way to measure would be the “stand over height” which is how far the top tube (the horizontal tube parallel to the ground) is off the ground. This measurement should be around 31 inches (give or take an inch) in order to fit me.

Please email the make and model of the bike, the approximate age or year if you know it, the size, and the general condition. Pics would be great if you have them.

Most of all I need to know how much you want for it. I’m looking for something under $100 and preferably a lot less 😉


wanted: old 10 speed bike – $1 (houston/pasadena/deer park)


I am looking for an old 10 speed bike. it can be in any condition. 1950’s-90’s let me know what you got

10 speed bikes


looking for old 10 speed road bikes and parts you don’t use anymore won’t pay much but will pay fast cash call or email thanks alex

You may be in the market for an “Old 10-Speed”, but you aren’t so desperate to go scrawling a WTB across the stall of a C-Land truckstop bathroom. In that case, C-Land’s many roadside vendors have a price point for just about everyone.

From high dollar, high highfalutin, I-talian 10-Speeds.

Vintage Italian Racing Bike – $1000 (Dana Point)


Very rare 50 year old 10 speed with top of the line Campagnolo gearing.
The type of bike is a Mirella, named after the daughter of the manufacturer.

To more middle of the road UJBBTS.

Vintage Soma Road Bike – $110 (Bishopville/Ocean City)


A nice old 10 speed. The bike is a Soma Olympiad that is probably from the 70’s. There is some rust and wear, typical of a bike 30 years old. Soma is a little known brand. Components are in good working condition. Bike shifts very well. I tuned up and lubricated the bike a few weeks ago. Would make a cool fixed gear. Pickup preferred but I can possibly meet halfway to reasonable distances. Asking $110

Road Bike Used in good shape – $150 (Portsmouth, Ohio)


I have an old 10 speed road bike built in italy. It is the old Tour de France style. if cleaned up it is a great show bike. I love this bike but i am too tall for it. now that i am getting into road biking more i just need a larger framed bike. this would be perfect for someone who is 5’10” or shorter. Once again i am asking 150 OBO. a new Cheap Road bike is around 450 so this is a deal.

Even bargain basement abandoned 10-Speed projects like this.

Old 10-speed project bike and parts – $20 (Binghamton)


This was going to be my project bike, but I’ve decided to focus on other things. It’s been stripped down to the frame, which is large – 23″ seat tube, 22″ top tube. It’s a “Free Spirit” – a “made in china” department store brand, I believe. The frame is in good shape.

The wheels are really rusty, but the 27 x 1 1/4 tires and tubes are intact. Tubes have Schrader valves. Handlebars are slightly warped so they’re not quite symmetrical. Most of the other original components are available, too, but they’re not in great shape either. I’d just use the frame as the basis for something fun.

Email to make an offer for all or some of the parts. Prefer to have you pick it up, but I’ll drop it off in Binghamton if you take it all. Let me know if you have any more specific questions and I’ll try to answer them.

Oh look! Up ahead on the right!  It’s the C-land Cycloswap where people will trade nearly anything just to get there hands on an Old Crappy Ten Speed!  Have you grown tired of your OTS or want to get out of the scene before you start seeing segments like “What’s Hot In OTS” on The Today Show or “What Women Can Tell About You By the Size of Your OTS” in Esquire.  Well, here’s your chance to unload that heap and avoid this inevitable mainstream bike wreck. How about a robot vacuum!

Roomba 4210 named Dusty- Vacuuming Robot! – $67 (Eugeneish)


Little house bot Roomba 4210 needs a new home!

We are interested in finding a new and loving home for our house bot. He has faithfully cleaned for us but needs to go because of kids who won’t leave him alone! (They are curious and just want to touch, poke, and pick him up. It makes Dusty anxious.) House bot is in great shape with a good battery!

Also comes with two “virtual walls” and a drive up charging station which he goes to himself.

This Roomba has two issues which DO NOT impact his ability to clean for you. He spent a little too much time in the sun without sunscreen and tanned his sparkely white finish (see picture) and two of his buttons do not light up when you press them (the functions work fine though).

May be willing to trade for that old 10 speed in your garage or something else…???

And then of course, there’s Clueless in Kansas City

WTT: Ladies golf clubs for Men’s bike (NKC/Liberty)


I have a nice set of ladies golf clubs they have never seen a round of golf, they have only been to the driving range a hand full of times. I would like to trade for a Men’s bicycle. Not looking for the old 10 speed style. More like a Mtn bike style but will entertain all offers. Please email size, brand, condition, location, and pictures if you have them. Thanks

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  • http://www.gravelo.blogspot.com Grit

    I have had great success using a Yahoo group called Freecycle. It’s not all bicycles, despite the name, but is very useful for a lot of things. You just ask for bikes and see who replies:) Good Luck!

  • Mark G

    Much love for Craigslist in the southeastern Michigan area. That’s where I found my first ten speed bike and now I can’t stop looking for them. The spouse is getting worried!

  • gregory P

    Awesome post.That last one,whoa,was a good laugh.Does not surprise me though.

    Mass casting aside on vanity/pretention etc. was spot on too.

    Purchased and OTS a few weeks ago,sight unseen,from CL for a total of $150.Well,the fork is bent and there is a problem with the frame.I just had to have it and that was my lesson.Sold it sans wheels for $30 last week.

    Anyway,great reading Thanks a million.

  • Matt b

    i just bought an old univega and want to restore it, any tips?