OTSG Launches General Store

I am proud to announce a new service added to the OTSG.  In addition to shopping for your new old crappy 10-speed on Craigslist and eBay, you can now shop for new tires, tubes, fenders, bags and accessories for said crappy 10-speed.   OTSG’s unlauded, unanticpated Old Ten Speed General Store has most everything you need to get that crappy bike back on the road.   I will be working in the coming weeks to expand the selection(as every item is hand picked by me), but if you would like to offer a suggestion please don’t hesitate!  Thanks and enjoy your stay.

  • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com/for-sale/otsg-launch grulp

    Hope OTSGs General Store will continue to make available cheap, crappy stickers-buttons for purchase- Project Hufflumbia Roadmeister in the Top Secret GAS Dept.-Genuine American Salvage-will need their attitude-yes it will be a ten speed road bike or quickly con,verted into a six speed touring bike-it aint some fixie anyway.In the meantime Ill submit a J and B,a odd Takara,many Lotus-Loti?-plus many other worthies,Thanks.

  • J. Valentin

    OTSG rules! This site really makes old bikes come alive!