Monday Market – Brings LBS Ownership To The Masses

There is a lot of buzz in the old bike scene these days — spurred on by high gas prices, going green do-gooders(not there is anything wrong with that), the fixed gear phenomenon, the fixed gear backlash, the old 10-speed scene, the old 10-speed backlash and so on — it seems every time you turnaround there is something new with old bikes. One such development is a site called Re-Cycle is not really a new site(registered in 2004), but I don’t remember seeing the current incarnation until a couple of months ago. Essentially, it is like craigslist and Ebay combined but only features bikes. What’s really cool is that you can register with the site and open up your very own bike shop. Once registered, you can list bikes and bike related merchandise for sale, look down your nose at your customers and be as overpriced as you like — it’s up to you, after all it is your shop. Cities listed so far are: Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Phoenix, San Diego and San Fransisco. Below, I have saved you some work and found the the best of the best from

San Francisco
NOS Centurion Elite $450

New York
Schwinn Letour $120
Schwinn LeTour

Sanwa 110 $250
Sanwa 110

Maruishi Road Ace $300
Maruishi Road Ace 404

Los Angeles
Ross Eurosport $80
Ross Eurosport

Hosteler $90
Hosteler 10-Speed

Schwinn Sprint $85
Schwinn Sprint

Raleigh Super Grand Prix $150
Raleigh Super Grand Prix

Miyata $175
Miyata 10-Speed

Thanks to, anyone can be a smug bike shop owner!

  • Michael Peck

    No Peugeots?

  • Dean

    How can I buy that myata?