Monday Market – Siesta Bicycle Service – Warwick’s Source For Old 10-Speeds

I stumble upon a lot of really great websites while researching 10-speeds. Often these sites are either individuals who purchase old ten speed and clean them up to resell them, or they are bike shops who carry an extensive collection of used bike. Today on the Monday Market I am featuring one such shop in Warwick, Rhode Island. Siesta Bicycle Service has nice selection of bargain priced used bikes and 10 speeds on their website. Below are a few of my favorites.
Women’s Bridgestone Kabuki 10-speed $70
Bridgestone Kabuki
Jeunet Franche Comte 10-Speed $120
Jeunet Franche Comte Ten-Speed
X-Large Nishiki Frame $50
Large Nishiki Frame For Sale

  • tdev

    Where is mike from siesta bikes in warwick? I can’t find his www. Anyone out there know?

  • siesta bicycle service

    this is the website address for those seeking a bicycle in the rhode island area

    siesta bicycle service