Pants Pants’ Jack Tripper Special a 1981 Schwinn World Sport

Pants Pants Schwinn World Sport

This 1981 Schwinn World Sport makes my heart skip a beat every time I lay eyes on it. This bicycle is the embodiment of my original vision for Old Ten Speed Gallery. It has absolutely everything I look for in a gallery entry. Original and in superb condition, as well as, all the hallmarks of a great old ten-speed, the SMS, the BOS and a bygone accoutrement on ten-speeds of it’s era – foam “wet-it-and-slide-it-on” bar wrap padding!

I would have a hard time finding anything to improve this vintage schwinn from what I can see in picture. If this bike isn’t straight from opening credits of Three’s Company I don’t know what is.

Pants Pants’ New Bike Day

  • Cristopher

    Totally agree. I have one exactly like it as a matter of fact. If anyone is interested in buying it:

  • Russ Bristol

    I have a 1981 schwinn World Traveler that I’m trying to get a value on. If anyone has any ideas please e-mail me at thank you.

  • Johnny

    I have this exact bike, does anyone have an idea as to what it is worth?

  • Brandon

    I have a matching set his and hers. Great shape. All original parts. If anybody interested e mail me.