ISO: Gran Compe NGC 400 Barrel Adjusters or Compatible

I’ve been thinking about trying out a new “In Search Of…” category to aid those of us who, on occasion, get lazy and don’t feel like hunting for bits and pieces any longer, and would rather have everyone come to us with the illusive bit or piece. Since this is my website, I will do the honors of being the first lazy parts hunter.

I have very nice set of Gran Compe NGC 400 Calipers off of my beloved SR.  These calipers have been in a shoe box for about the past 5 years.  After 2 apartments, a house, a marriage and a garage reorganization, I have misplaced one of the barrel adjusters.  As you can see from the picture, the one barrel adjuster I do have is missing the little rubber O-ring-like piece.   I’ve looked for replacements to no avail, so perhaps one of you out there has a spare one or two with which you would be willing to part—for a reasonable fee of course.  The caliper arm is unthreaded and the barrel is of the asymmetric variety (D shaped).  The actual part number of the assembly is GC64 according to this exploded view from Classic Rendezvous.

Any help in tracking a couple of these babies down would be greatly appreciated.



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