Andy P’s 1979 Schwinn Varsity CX

As some of you may know, I enjoy spending $25 a week to torture myself for 30 minutes on Sunday afternoon. (In fact, by visiting this site and clicking on the ads, you help finance this bizarre self-torment. Thank you for the support.) As much as I love the torment, I could not love it as much as the owner of the bike below. This is Andy P’s 1979 Schwinn Varsity CX, and I spotted it (very easily) yesterday while warming up before my race. This baby is equipped with late(r) model 10-Speed Shimano 105 Derailers and matching brifters, FSA crank, Mavic Cosmic Elite wheels, and Fizik Arione saddle. All these upgrades, and I’m sure this beast is still tickling 35 pounds. Andy’s post race assessment was as you might expect it. (I’m paraphrasing here.) It sucked over the barriers, but it was fine in the straights.

Thanks Andy

  • http://otsg marc barbieri

    i am glad i am not the only guy that does this kinda stuff.

  • older1

    Wow, nice work on some super-hero upgrades, Andy! The great thing is, when the weekends are over, he can convert it right back to the mild-mannered 45-pound OTS we all recognize!
    Good choice for a durable frame/fork to survive the rigors of competition!
    To level the playing field, though, race officials should allow overall time subtraction to competitors using electro-forged Schwinn frames. On the other hand, athletes lift extra weight to develop muscle strength, so it may incur a penalty as an unfair training advantage!
    To others considering similar upgrades but concerned about excessive weight, the chromed crown shell may be removed from the fork.

  • Edh

    Awesome! Forks off a Schwinn Continental would be a little lighter, but who cares?