David N’s Panasonic Sport Deluxe CX

A couple weeks ago I featured a OTSCX that I had spied at a weekend CCC race. I’ve had my eye out since for another, and finally yesterday, I spotted one.  This is David N’s Panasonic Sport Deluxe.  This baby blue beaut’ looks nearly as she did when she rolled off the showroom floor, but there are a few modernizations including: ~+120mm powder black stem, Shimano Exage aero brake levers, later model Shimano bar-end shifters, anatomic bend drop bars, some Kenda ‘cross tires, a low-grade Falcon SIS rear derailer, and who can forget—a SDGCS. All this comes together to create a very capable OTSCX. Here is Dave astride his trusty steed having way too much fun on the “rhythm section” of the course. (Check out the hipsters checkin’ out Dave’s sweet vintage rig.)

Thanks David

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    Great to see an OTS still getting the job done!