First Report – Melbourne’s Flourishing 10-Speed Scene

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. We’ve been in Melbourne for four days and we will be leaving this morning for The Great Ocean Road. Before departing, I thought I should report on our experience in this great bike loving city. There are bikes and bicyclists everywhere in this city! I have never seen so many commuters, and more amazingly, nearly all of them observe the traffic signals! I could count on one hand, the number of riders that rolled a red light or stop sign. I could go on all all day about the impressive presence bikes have here, but we have to get on the road, so I won’t. I will close today with some of my Australian 10-speed highlights.




  • AnnieG

    Hello! I’m one of the swarm of BSNYC readers who just discovered OTSG. I am so pleased about this. I have been thinking that my beautiful new/old OTS is way too nice and functional to fixify and your site has given me an even deeper appreciation of the beauty of these recently maligned members of the bicycle family.

    I’m also a Melbournian and was very pleased to see that you have seen how much we love bikes here. Come back some time! I’ll send you a pic of my Aussie OTS soon.

  • http://OldTenSpeedGallery Wooden Shoe Biker

    It is always gratifying to see people use bikes. Crappy or otherwise. The mudguards certainly are short/ must be dry down under.