The OTSG Is Going On Assignment

As of March 15 the OTSG is officially On Assignment; actually, Mrs. Ten Speed and I will be on our way to Australia to enjoy our two week honeymoon. Unfortunately I will not be able to post daily, but I have gotten the go-ahead to post at least a few times while we are down there. I will be taking my camera and I will be on the lookout for old ten speeds, so if you live in the greater Melbourne or Sydney area please park it on the street — with the drive side facing out of course. If you see some goofy looking, stupid, American tourist bumbling around your bike while his wife looks on in disgust, don’t worry, it’s just me. Stop and say “Hi” or I guess it’s “G’day”? We will return to our regularly scheduled 10-speed love-fest on March 31st.
Kangaroo Bicycling
Photo found here.