2009 OTSG DIY Calendar Now Available

It’s rough out there these days and who has money to spare for one of those fancy $20 bookstore calendars?  Sure, you can still find a few banks that offer free calendars, but you don’t have any money, and they’re not going to loan you any, so the chances of you being at the bank anytime soon are pretty slim. And if you are one of the lucky ones who does have money, and you do go to the bank, their selection will likely leave a little to be desired.  It’s the Norman Rockwell or the Inspirational Landscapes and that’s about it.

Well don’t worry, the OTSG is here to help.   We are proud to announce our very first FREE DIY OTS-A-MONTH Calendar.  That’s right, 12 months of you favorite subject—old crappy 10-speeds.  In addition to the 12 selections from our first year of existence, this calendar offers: the make, model and year (if available), the owner, the date it appeared on oldtenspeedgallery.com and the photo credit.  Oh, and did I mention it also has a fully functional calendar attached to the lower half?  Now all you have to do is wait for it to download—two pdfs at ~20mb each for a high quality print—and figure out how to use your printer.


2009 OTSG Calendar Printing and Assembly Instructions

If you are one of the lucky ones who has money and knows how to use their printer, here are a few guidelines to follow.  This calendar is broken into two pdf files, months January – June in one file, and months July – December in the second file. The calendar measures 8.25 x 10.75 @ 300dpi. This is beyond the margins of most inkjet printers for “Letter” (8.5×11) paper, but may be handled by a laser printer with no issue (I have not tested it, just speculating). For best results, set your printer to “Scale to Page” or similar setting. This will reduce the size of the calendar to fit your particular printer’s printable area, so that none of the image or calendar will be cut off. Once printed, 1)Bundle the pages in order January through December. 2)Place two staples approximately 4 inches apart and just about the OTSG logo at the top. 3)Using a hole-punch and the circle mark on the first page, punch a hole through all the pages. 4)Your calendar is now ready for hanging. 5)Hang and enjoy.

Save Paper: Print on both sides.

Since I have split the calendar into two files, you could easily print January thru June on one side a sheet and July thru December on the backside of the sheet and save a little paper.

Save More Paper:  Download the Wallpaper version.

For those übergreeners and/or slowdialupers out there, I have also made the calendar available in a desktop wallpaper version.  Check out mine. This is a one-size-fits-most wallpaper an is 1200px high, so  it should fit your monitor.  For best results set it to “Fit to Screen”.


High Resolution Printable Version
2009 OTSG Calendar January – June (21.2mb .pdf) (preview)
2009 OTSG Calendar July – December (20.7mb .pdf) (preview)
Medium Compression Printable Version
2009 OTSG Calendar January – June (12.7mb .pdf)
2009 OTSG Calendar July – December (12.4mb .pdf)
High Compression Printable Version
2009 OTSG Calendar January – June (6.7mb .pdf)
2009 OTSG Calendar July – December (5.1mb .pdf)
Desktop Wallpaper
2009 OTSG Calendar Desktop Wallpaper (3.3mb .zip) (preview)

Special Thanks

Thanks to all the owners for their kindness and enthusiasm in allowing me the use of their bikes for this project.  Much appreciation.

  • December

    Let the printing begin! Very cool Cameron and a great choice of OTSs. Thanks for including me in your selection and thanks for running this site. It’s always a great place to visit.

    OTS December

  • John E
  • Bill

    Thank you so much for making this calendar. I’ve already printed it out and it is hanging in the garage.

  • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

    I was happy to make it. A lot more work than I had initially envisioned, but well worth the effort. I hope everyone enjoys it. I don’t think any shop or garage is truly complete without one!:)

  • J. Valentin

    Awesome! Just awesome!

  • Bob

    Great job. I now have a new goal with my next OTSG submission – it must make the calender!

  • terry g farrant

    great site! How do i go about contacting you? I have a couple of questions i would like to ask.

  • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer


    Feel free to email me at .


  • Joe B.

    Downloaded & SAVED my copies the first time I saw it posted. Great job.

  • Peter Robb

    Hi I like your calender.
    Is there any interest in using female models to promote these fabulous bikes.
    I was inspired by the Lambert Sales Brochures of 1973 on the Lambert Site.