Blue Ross 10-Speed Used In Times Square Bombing

Like most Americans, I was very concerned when I first heard of the bombing outside the Army recruiting station in Times Square. I am a proud member of a military family, so events such as this hit very close to home for me. Then I heard that the suspect was a bicyclist (or at least committed the crime using a bicycle.) Ross 10-speed from Times Square bombingOh Great. Bicycling seems to get nothing but bad press lately, and now we have a raving bomb wielding anarchist lunatic to add to our doping, stoplight running, unsanctioned racing and smugness! To make it 10 times worse, the suspect not only rode a bike to commit his crime, he had the audacity to enlist the use of this good hearted and good timing Ross 10-speed! The Ross was so innocent and unassuming that when it was found by workers near the scene of the blast they actually took the now infamous bike out for a joyride. This once happy-go-lucky Ross is now going to spend the rest of it’s life being inspected, prodded, measure, disassembled, reassembled and generally humiliated by countless government and law enforcement agencies. Why do these idiot bombers always have to extort the innocent in their attempts to garner attention and publicity. On the bright side, at least it wasn’t a mixte!

  • darren

    weirdo. lol you hippies get weirder and weirder by the day!