Down But Not Out: Wreck Recap

Thursday, I was out on a long ride and wrecked my old ten speed on some wet pavement. Here is a little GPS aided wreck recap in case anyone is interested.

I had been out all day—unemployment offers quite a lot of riding time—and was making my way back home when it began to rain. I would spend around an hour and a half in this on-again-off-again rain before my wreck, and though it was the cause of the wreck it also made wrecking a bit more pleasant.

The map below are the points recorded by my GPS and show my approach and speed heading down the hill. Click on each point to for a description (a few of the descriptions are really long, so you may want to view a larger map to read them).


A after this whole episode, I got up rather quickly and began check myself over making sure nothing was broken. As I stood there inspecting, I turned to see the woman who’s actions may or may not have helped me go down; make her left hand turn, look at me briefly and then pull away. There were several cars at the intersection by this point most of them sat staring; only one car (a young woman and her boyfriend/husband) came to my aid.

I won’t bore you with the remaining details, but I did make a visit to the ER. Nothing is broken just some really nasty road rash on both knees, one ankle, both arms and my left thigh. The coolest injury sustained would have to be my chainring shaped bruise on my thigh.

My bike didn’t fair too well. All the components appear to in good shape, but I will have to rebuild one of my brake levers and possibly replace my handlebars. It also sustained a rather large (half dollar sized) dent in the top tube where the back of the handlebars slammed into it. It’s a steel frame of course, so it should be ridable, but still very depressing for me to look at.

It’s a funny thing about wrecks, you hate to endure them and dread the prospect of them, yet you relish and relive them in the greatest detail every time.

Be safe out there!

  • firenbones

    Get well soon … we love your site.

  • Bob

    Ouch! Good excuse to stay inside and watch the Tour on TV.
    By the way, how’s the bike?

  • Bill

    Sorry to hear of your crash. Road rash sucks.

    Get well soon.

  • Hugh

    Feel better soon my friend.

  • Tim

    Cameron, I’m very glad to here you were spared serious injury and on the mend !

    As to the bike – hearing of it’s condition I felt compelled to send for a ambulance, one befitting it’s status of course as the steed to the King of OTS’s
    – A 1966 Cadillac ambulance with full blown chrome and campy hubs caps

    66 Cadillac Ambulance

    Please accept my offer to be a doner for repair parts if needed

    Best wishes to you both on a speedy recovery ! Keep’m roll’n – Tim

  • The Ten-Speed Dreamer

    Thanks for all the kind words folks!

    My RR is healing nicely and my soreness is subsiding.

    Now back to the OTS obsessing!

  • robert

    glad you didn’t get more seriously hurt

  • Michaela

    good gravy! I’m glad you’re okay!

    out of curiosity, what GPS equipment do you use?

    • The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      For mapping and routing I use RouteBuddy for Mac. I use a handheld unit, Garmin GPSmap 60CSx. It’s alot larger than the bicycle specific units, but it works well, has great battery life and I can use for traveling, hiking and so on.

  • Veloben


    Glad you are OK.

    Wet days, old block brake pads and steel rims are a awful combination.

    The last timew me, a bike and a curb interacted I remember thinking “3 more inches, 3 more inches and I’ll be clear”

    Anyway road rash is best kept in a dressing that will keep it clean and prevent it from drying out. A lot less scaring and the wound stays flexible. Tagederm gives good results.

    Recover quick. And good luck with the job hunt.

  • Dennis

    Get well King of OTS’.
    And the mall looks like a sweet race track from the air!