Happy Halloween From the OTSG

Happy Halloween!
I just finished this bike moments ago and thought it might make a nice Halloween greeting.
Cheers, Hugh

Thanks Hugh

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    Wow, ANOTHER nice knock-down, drop-DEAD Schwinn treat for the Schweads!
    Evidently, what remains of the unfortunate lightweight carbon-fiber trickster reveals it’s just the right OTS potion to scare away the latest toxic marketing trend!
    Let’s see: Electro-forged frame, full-chrome fork, fat whitewalls; looks great, Hugh!

    • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

      I think this is my third Continental this year. I also have a Varsity in the works right now. Also a Caliente and a LeTour mixte waiting for restoration. This is “The Year of the Schwinn” I`m just not sure why?

  • Mark D

    I’ve seen bikes in a peloton, and now I’ve seen one on a skeleton!

    Hugh, as always, a spooktacular job.

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      skeloton (noun, fr.) \ske-lə-tän: the main group of deceased bicycle racers

      I made that up; just pulling your leg-bone!

      I know, I must be out of my skull.

      Okay, I’ll quit before someone accuses me of being an immaterial witness.

    • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

      Thanks Mark, I wanted to build a bare-bones Continental (: