Link Dump 1

I spend a great deal of time online, and since taking on this website I continually run across interesting or informative sites that I then bookmark with the intent of featuring—or at least mentioning—on the OTSG. There have been a few that I have yet to get around to writing about or don’t quite fit our format, so I’ve decided to do a small link dump for a change.

Disraeli Gears (All Rear Derailers all the time.)

Bike of Doom (The joy of crappy bike ownership.)

Ray Dobbins (Where to go when you want to see some really nice bikes.)

Azuki Rebuild (Father and Son Rebuild a 1978 Azuki.)

Woodys Custom Fenders (If I ever own a bike that deserves fenders this nice.)

Pulsejet Powered Bike (I mean, who would not want to ride bike with a rocket strapped to it?)