The Emporium: You Asked For It…Kinda

Polling Results

Way back in March I posed the question, would you like/use a OTS specific classified section on the OTSG.  I then put the question to a vote.  You kind of overwhelmingly approved of the idea, so for the past 3 months I’ve been working off and on in the development of just such a function.

I had toyed with idea of opening up the “posts” to a “For Sale By Owner” category, but knowing my track record of tardy posting I figured this should be something I hand over to you the reader. I chose a FREE, somewhat intuitive classified software package and configured it to my liking. I named her Emporium and she should be just that.  All things old, crappy 10-speed brought to life in commerce and community.  

I approached this project very loosely and open minded, with a couple exceptions.  

Here how I see it:

  • It’s FREE, but if you sell lots of stuff on it, say thanks with a donation.
  • Use it or don’t use it, I don’t care.
  • If no one uses it, I’ll just remove it. No skin off my back.
  • It is VERY rough.  I am counting on you, the user, to report any issues, flaws or general suggestions to me.
  • I am requiring registration to post on the Emporium, but you are free to browse without registration.
  • I am requiring a “Request for Registration” to prescreen potential users, and to thwart the spam-asses.
  • Any personal information you share with me will not be used feloniously or shared with any third parties.  If you don’t want to share the information—don’t.  All I need is a valid email, an alias and preferable your first and last name.
  • I have not written any Terms of Use or CYA legal jargon, so if I grant you registration, I am expecting you to use this service respectfully and responsibly, or I will remove you and your postings immediately. 
  • I reserve the right to reject or remove any user for any reason, but don’t worry, I’m a nice guy.
  • I have limited the registration through requests for several reasons, including but not limited to: no spam bot protection currently in place on the site, no Terms of Use and legal jargon, in an effort to control the traffic and user base during fine tuning and development.
  • I would like the Emporium to stay on topic.  I will delete any non-relevant ads as soon as I see them. The whole point is to provide a speciality market.

Thats pretty much it, but I may add  to or edit this list in the future.  

Go ahead, take a look around.  There isn’t much to it, just a shell. But with your help, it’ll be the bumpinest little 10-speed flea market on the planet.  




  • Hugh

    Does that last part mean I can`t be pimp`n none of my bitches on there?

    • The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      For you Hugh, I might make an exception!:)