Spring Buyer’s Guide – Five 10-speed Must Haves

Here in Chicagoland we have had two straight days of sunshine and temps above 45, so it’s fair to say this is as close to Spring as we’re going to get. That being the case, I’m sure a fair number of you are out scouring craigslist and the local thrift stores for a new pony for the stable. The problem with the OTS you most often find in a trip to craigslist or anywhere else is their complete lack of appropriate accessories! Your already plunking down $150 for that ’78 Sears Freespirit 10-speed–at least they could throw in a slip-on gel seat cover or something. But they don’t, which leaves you to do all the trimming out of your new sporty ride. Fear not, I have done the work for you. Below, I have assembled the Five 10-Speed Must Haves of 2008.

More than likely, your new/old ten-speed probably hasn’t seen a proper tune-up…eh….well…ever, so start the season off right with a spankin’ new set of wet-em-n-slide-em-on grips.

Since we are dealing with a 30+ year old bike, the seat has probably done a pretty fine job of hardening over the years. So for the sake of comfort and any paternal aspirations you may have, a new Gel Seat Cover would be a good idea.

Most of the riding done on an OTS is more of the recreational sort, so most riders will be sans bright colored club/team kits in favor of shorts and a t-shirt. To make up for this lack of proper emblazing, a 6′ bright orange Safety Flag is must have for any self-respecting OTS rider.

The very fact that you just purchased an old ten-speed puts you in a particular demographic. It indicates that you probably have a rotary phone, and if you do own a TV you probably have to get up to change the channel — not that there is anything wrong with that!. That said, anyone who likes old ten-speeds will surely love an Analog Speedometer!

Your ride an old bike, so your surely not going to carry some new fangled, temperamental CO2 pump in you pocket. Peruse the countless images of old 10-speeds on the web, and the best ones are never without this ageless blow-hard. A new Frame Pump will trim out you new OTS like the angel on a Christmas Tree.