The Bicycling Guitarist and his 1977 Schwinn Sportabout ten-speed

The Bicycling Guitarist's 1977 Schwinn Sportabout ten-speed
The Bicycling Guitarist and His 1977 Schwinn Sportabout Ten-Speed

  • The Bicycling Guitarist

    This photograph is from 2001. I still ride and play more than ever. My Sportabout now has a Schwinn rack over the rear wheel, quick release hubs, center-pull brakes, a SunTour Spirt front derailleur and a “diamond” crank to replace the plainer stock crank it came with.

    • The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      Hi TBG!

      Thanks for stopping by. You and your Sportabout were a big inspiration for the concept of this site. Thanks for doing what you do.

      • The Bicycling Guitarist

        Wow! Thanks for the thanks!

  • Monique

    I dont have a car, so i ride a bike, anyway i got this bike 2 years ago form a junkyard, it need a seat, so i got a big fat one off a junk bike, the other day i had a flat so i decided to get new tires and tubes, and found out how old this bike is!!! wowoie zowie!!! thats so cool, shes carried me hundreds of miles so far, and i will never get rid of her!

  • The Bicycling Guitarist

    It might bear noting this bicycle’s name is “The Minstrel Cycle” since I am a traveling minstrel. I play my music on the road, literally! Visit The Bicycling Guitarist channel on YouTube if you want to see me ride and play.

    In 2009 The Minstrel Cycle became a “Super Sportabout” with several significant improvements as described on the page

    In 2015 it got a bone stock original 1977 Ladies’ Model Sportabout as a stablemate as described on Its name is “Lady M” (M for Minstrel Cycle).