Too Lazy Tuesday – Two Motorized Ten Speed Masterpieces

This site isn’t even a week old and I’m already straying from my strict no 10-speed conversions format, but these two were just too good to pass up (they’re not QFCs so I’m ok with it). I found two motorized behemoths that offer very different options for the old ten-speed rider who is just too tired or too hung-over to pedal their crappy 10-speed around town.


The gasoline motor powered 10-speed:

Gas Powered Ten-Speed

This appears to be a late 80s or early 90s Murray Ten-Speed with a very nice 1950s Diner paint scheme. Beyond that, I’m not sure what everything else on this bike is.


A Circlular Saw Powered Schwinn

Saw Powered Letour

This 1978 Schwinn LeTour would be a perfect option for the lazy-but-environmentally-conscious 10-speed rider. Rick claims that this bike contains 80% post-consumer goods-now how may of you Madone owners can say that?