OTSG Glossary

Terms and abbreviations used this site are outlined below. If you find a mistake, spelling or otherwise, please notify me and I will make the necessary corrections.


SMS – Stem Mounted Shifters

DTS – Down Tube Shifters

BES – Bar End Shifters

BOS – Bottomed Out Seat (Referring to the seat height chosen by most OTS owners.)

OTS – Old Ten Speed

FRF – Front & Rear Fenders

CPB – Center Pull Brakes

SMR – Spoke-Mounted Reflectors

HTFC – Half-The-Fun-Conversion (Referring to a 10-speed converted to a 5-speed by removing the front derailer. Could also refer to a ten-speed with FNC drops.)

FNC – Flopped-N-Clopped

Pie Plate – Large metal or plastic disc found on the rear wheel of most OTS from the 1970s and 1980s

Prefix-Op – A term I use to refer to OTSs in their original or semi-original condition before the owner decides to sacrifice their Ten-speeded-lamb-of-cycling-frugality-and-sensibility for the fleeting thrill of a Quasi-Fixie-Conversion.

QFC – Quasi Fixie Conversion

UJBBTS – Universal Japanese Bike Boom Ten Speed (Thanks Harv)

OTSOTM – Old Ten Speed Of The Month

OIOTS – Obscure International Old Ten Speed

SDGCS – Super Deluxe Gel Comfort Saddle

MSDGCS – Moderately Super Deluxe Gel Comfort Saddle

Schwead – Schwinn Super Fan

Notthead – Raleigh Super Fan

Coluhuffrray – Columbia, Huffy, Murray, etc.

Ruffy or Huffeigh: A North American Raleigh that was owned by the Huffy Corporation
Courtesy of BRQ

Cotter – Regular reader/submitter/commenter of the OTSG

Schwinge – A Schwinn Binge.

Courtesy of Michael R

UMOTS – Unfortunately Modified Old Ten Speed

Courtesy of Curt N.

SOOTS – simply outstanding old ten speed

SLOTS – slightly lacking old ten speed (no wheel reflectors, seat not bottomed out, etc, etc)

FOOTS – freakin’ outrageous old ten speed

FROOTS – found, recovered, overhauled old ten speed

ROTS – rusty old ten speed

SOTS – shiny old ten speed

BOTS – beautiful old ten speed

Some little known 10-speed related organizations. Courtesy of Michael R.

CS&CPPPMC – Chromed Steel & Clear Plastic Pie Plate Manufacturers Consortium

IBSMSLW – International Brotherhood of Stem Mounted Shift Lever Workers

SA&RSMRA – Society of Amber & Red Spoke Mounted Reflectors Association

FSEO – Friction Shift Educational Organization

LSFMSO – Lugged Steel Frame Manufacturers Service Organization

OVTSA – Office of Vintage Ten Speed Affiliates

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  • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.sapp.568 Timothy Sapp

    i just got into ots but i love it and would like to see more ots of the month so please update asap

  • Chell

    I have a Scwinn Continental Made in Chicago Serial Number HM522843 anyone have any information about this bike?

  • BeaterRezQ

    I think I stumbled upon the dead sea scrolls of OTS lore. Could this be our Bible? Can I get a witness and a collective ahem!?!
    St. B

  • Mitch

    I have a old Gitone 10 speed all original with the pie plate rear brakes. Any idea what it is worth? Mitch. Phx.

    • Grant Koeller

      No such thing a pie plate brakes. That is a rear spoke protector for the rear deraileur

  • disqus_1IRDYyNZwz

    I have a lime green sportabout excellent condition email me at losperez66@rocketmail.com

  • gracielou

    Can anyone tell me what this bike is and worth. Was told in was won in a competition in the 80s. Let me know thanks alot.

    • gracielou

      This is the bike.

      • Grant Koeller

        the only competition it would have won is the heaviest bike award

        • J Sheridan

          Nice color.

    • Grant Koeller

      it is worth 45 dollars

  • Dean VanLaarhoven

    Sorry to nose-in, but can you tell me where to go to ask a general question about a bike that I just found?

  • Ronald Depola

    I have a giant ten speed, old . Can anybody tell me how much it’s worth.

  • Deanna Brea

    I hope some one can help me. I used to own a 10 speed centurion with I think it was a 20 inch rim and a small frame . I beleave it was made around 1974. Benotto, raleigh and trek also made some. not sure who else. I would love to know the names of this modle or any of the other brands