• Joe B.

    I’m jealous of the California weather right now. We have SNOW here in the mid-west. But, For God’s sake…go to your LBS and get some chain oil; not WD-40. OK? 🙂

  • edh

    Man I have to do better when I take photos of my rides. Nice bike.

    • Cameron

      But Ed! If you go and do that, we’ll never meet our backsidagarägdorotype quota!:)

  • Doug W.

    Nice Spirit Aaron! As for WD-40 comment, at least it won’t grease up your pant leg badly. Just reapply often.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Nice bike! As for the WD-40 at least it`s better than
    motor-oil.I love the ones who live on dusty roads and lube the chain with motor-oil. Which gives the next layer of dirt something to bond to.