• http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    Super nice Super Course. There’s more on ’em here:


    I understand the slam on the plastic Simplex derailleurs. But, I just put one on my Le Tour after the original rear suffered catastrophic failire, and it works great. So far.

  • Alex K

    When they worked, they worked well. The problem is mine was all original, and very high mileage. The frame and fork were in good repair, but the wheels and derailleurs werent. There was a few mm of slop in the rear simplex, and the plastic on the front one was a light grey due to age.

  • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com/owner-submitted/alex Alex K.

    I also have to options for a pie plate. I have an 8 inch diameter chrome plated plate that i polished up nicely, or I could use an old 45 of Snoopy VS The Red Baron. Which one should I use?

  • J. Valentin

    Great bike! And a good move to remove them Stronglight. Looks like a fine ride!

  • Alex K.

    That stronglight was a real dog, that and the Philips of England BB that came with it. Had to have been 5 lbs.

  • sebastian

    hi alex, nice bike!
    i’m actually rebuilding an 76’er super course mkII.
    unfortunately the original mavic rims are broken…and the brake pads worn out.
    i just wonder which kind of brake pads and rims you have used? so can you give me a hint?
    thanks. cheers seb.

  • Ray

    Hey, that frame looks GREAT.
    Quick question, what kind of tires do you have on this one?

  • Dan

    This bike is very nice!

    Does anyone know the value of this bike that is all original and in VERY good condition?