• http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Very nice indeed! Looking at the close-up of the tire I

    think I see some fine cracking, but no wear to speak of

    on the tire. It appears to be barely ridden. I love it

    when that happens!

  • Alex K.

    Im definately a fan. I paid more than I should have (300) but its worth it to me. The thing was darn near new. It needs new cables, but I dont want to unwrap the bars, the padded vinyl tape is too cool. Oh well, there is always more tape in the world.

  • Revdrew

    I have this same bike. In the small man size. The smallest frame made. Yours looks like it is all original. I rode mine hard for about 6 years. It still looks new and is in good condition. But I do not have all the original parts. Nice piece, where did you pic this bike up.

  • Joshua Schoen

    I have the same one in the small size. Great riding bike. Mine came with the white turbo original seat as well.


    I have this exact bike! Lol, exactly the same model as this one but mine has the original airpump that attatches to it. I dont ride it but after seeing all this and researching a little about it I see its a real find. I see also that youguys are enthusiasts and I would hate to sell it on craigslist, make me a decent offer and its yours! leilasdaddy@yahoo.com or call or text 415 799


    415 799 5420