• J. Valentin

    Very nice bike! Never seen or heard about Royce Union bikes. Frames made in where? Looks like Nervex lugs. Vanquier fork crown?

  • Alicia Holmes

    Im not really sure what the parts are. If you guys can point me in the right direction, im sure i can figure out what is what!

    I have new pictures too!! I can link them, or send them. Either or works for me!

  • Joe B.

    Love them red-wall tires. 🙂

  • Alicia Holmes

    ^_^ hee hee im glad you guys like them!!! The bike is a nice smooth ride too! Its pretty impressive to go from a Mtn Bike (ages ago) to a 10 speed road bike, and just how much less effort it takes to pedal 😀

  • JC

    the tires look good. Where did you get them and how much PSI can it hold?

  • J. Valentin

    My mistake; fork crown not by Vanqiuer (made brakes!!!) but Vagner? The lugs could be Nervex nr 168. Any signs of where the frame were made?

  • http://www.berkshireboids.com Alicia Holmes

    Ill find out the name brand today, The Tires i actually found on Ebay, for like 25.00 for both. They hold 90PSI each. ( isnt that more the tubes than anything?)*Im new to this, so correct me if im wrong 🙂 *

    J. Valentin, Where might i look as to find where the frame was made? I looked, sort of, just to see if there were any other markings, but i found nothing. I may have to look harder, or if there is a specific place that is common, i could look there! 🙂

  • J. Valentin

    One way is to look underneath the BB to see if you can find any digits. The other way is to hope anyone here at OTS knows something about Royce…I sure dont!( :