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    You’ve got it looking great, Alphonse! I haven’t seen many taller-frame vintage bikes, and I’m sure that must have been a lot of money for you back then!
    It’s great you can still enjoy it 30+ years later, and here’s to hoping you’ll still be riding it for another 30 years!

    • alphonse

      Thank you for your comments . Yes it was a lot of money at 15. I’m glad I fixed it up .Some day I would like to paint the frame .

      • older1

        It looks great just the way it is!
        I wouldn’t change a thing, unless you are concerned about rust, but if you do, keep it silver since it looks so good with the black and chrome!

        • John

          Thanks again. The bike was always inside except for a brief time under a tarp . There isn’t much rust on the frame . Mostly scratches and oxidation. It cleaned up pretty good .