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    From the photo, it looks like at least new brake hoods would be in order (probably as much as new tires/tubes). The bar wrap and cables typically may need replacing, also.
    With the above accomplished, along with a thorough cleaning/repacking of bearings, an “asking” price could exceed $200 directed toward an enthusiastic collector, but an “as is” selling price may not bring more than $60 to a casual buyer who is aware of the labor involved.

  • Narvick Garcia

    HI i really love this bike. I have the male and the girls version. i paid 200 for each which is amazing. i havn’t found any like those they were in great condition. now, i have seen some not nearly as good and very bad shape and they are around 450 and 700 so i would say you have a great bike right there. the components are very good and i just simply like the color and the matierials.. good luck and if you ever want to get rid of it,. let me know thank you