• Ryan

    Love the name -LOL. I also like the fact that the bar wrap looks like the vinyl “faux leather” car steering wheel covers I used to see in the automotive section of K mart. Here in Seattle we love to see that kind of fender clearance!

  • older1

    How about:
    “Smurf-Flyer”? “Cobalt-Cruiser”? “Azure-Phantom”? “Turquoise-Ten Speed”? “Indigo-Racer”?
    Anyway, I don’t know if you achieved OMNI-deterrence, Andrew, since the overwhelming color-coordination makes it an extremely attractive theft-target, in spite of its overall weight.

  • Larryhermosillo

    hey man would you like to sell that seat?

  • Mr. D

    What Huffys did the U.S. cycling team ride?

  • Saro

    I had that same exact bike in the 80’s!

  • http://itoodislikeit.tumblr.com/ i, too, dislike it.

    Do you know roughly what that bike weighs? Looking at buying one from a friend of a friend, trying to avoid a wild goose chase for a third-floor rider…

  • dgvsedvg
  • ZC Zezcustoms

    I have that same bike but need a new tire what is the tire size?

  • Paul Vining

    I had one as well, loved it