• J. Valentin

    Just beautiful!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/0608863915369744969 Doohickie

    A nice looking bike, even better that it’s still with it’s original owner.

    I find it amusing that Marathons and Varsities are mentioned: One of the other Marathons on this sight is mine, and I recently submitted my Varsity.

  • Mark G

    Great choice on the saddle and bar tape- a perfect fit for the bike!

  • Pfaff

    For some reason I have always liked the look of the Raleigh lettering going down the front of the fork. It looks pretty sharp.

    I own two Raleighs and neither one has those decals….sigh.

  • Stephen

    very nice…. original owner! there is no way to part with that. Few things are always remembered, First Kiss – New Bike – Gifts from Father, are among them, priceless combination that you have there.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the positive feedback. Just for the record I must confess that my Raleigh is not a “true” English bicycle as it was manufactured in Taiwan. I’m guessing most folks new this already anyway. Anyway, at least its true to the theme in spirit : )

  • http://OldTenSpeedGallery Wooden Shoe Biker

    Nice colors and nice bike. I have a 1981 Raleigh Super Record made in Japan. a very lite weight frame 60 cm. Bottom Bracket to seat tube it needs a Brooks saddle as yours has. Would still like to know weights of some of these. Good work !

  • Sean

    nice bike, i also have an ’84 marathon

  • http://OldTenSpeedGallery Wooden Shoe Biker

    I recently bought a 1985 Marathon in precisely the same color. To Pfaff, the name on the fork is not a decal nor are there any decals, it is painted on. Unusual to be sure. Taiwan build also, a very small clear sticker (not painted this time) on the seat tube at the bottom which I could only read on removal said made in Taiwan for sale only in the USA. My other Raleigh’s are decals and older. Sorry guys it is now a fixed gear but I save the parts and left paint original and used the old rims off the 70’s Raleigh Record and the alloys off the 12 speed (yes six pak cassette) are well preserved and not used yet. Thanks Ed

    • Marisa

      I know this is an old thread…but did you happen to save the downtube cable stops? I have a Raleigh Marathon as well but the cable stop broke in half and it’s impossible to find them anywhere.

  • Gw_mx

    I have one of these bikes that I bought from a thrift store in
    tulsa in 2003 I think. It is a great bike and have hung onto it for some some reason. I haven’t ridden it in years but did enjoy riding it at the time. I would like to put some new tires on it and go again. The wheels measure about 25and ahalf inch. Does that mean they are 26?

  • http://www.facebook.com/stuart.oberdeen Stuart Oberdeen

    I purchaed my silver P8 in 1985 while stationed in the United Kingdom. I still ride it 30 – 70 miles per ride without any problems. I just had a rear spoke replaced and wheel trued. Other than that I’ve only had to replace tires and tubes from normal wear. I’ll be doing another 60 mile ride on it tomorrow.