• Matt K

    That’s pretty cool. How does having a carbon fork on a steel frame compare to an all-steel setup, other than weight?

    • Senorpetty

      I can’t really answer that. The bike certainly isn’t as smooth as the other steel road bikes I have. I think this has to do more with the frame than the fork. My other frames all have thin tapered stays. The Waterford Paramounts have untapered stays that are super thick. It’s hard to tell whether the frame or fork is to blame for this. I can tell you it handles better than any bike I’ve ever ridden, however.

      • Lewiserik

        I guess I had to put mine on here, also 86′ Waterford Schwinn Paramount, ordered by me. My name is still on the chainstay where they painted it at the factory. Broke my fork in a crash years ago. This was my primary race bike 20 years ago and I love riding it again. I know everyone on here likes classics, but I can never ride DT shifters again. I have a 86′ Vitus with full Dura
        Ace 6 speed gruppo (hubs, seatpost, headset, the whole deal) at my parents house. Next time I am there I will get pictures and post. It was my dad’s and he never really rode it. It is in absolute mint condition.

  • Ryan Surface

    but… but.. its got STI shifting! is this the only bike on the OTSG with STI???? Actually I have no issues with STI other than durability. I used them for years and replaced them more often than I would have liked, and I have come to love Bar ends and DTs and well… “tolerate” SMS. So although part of me wants to shout “Blasphemer!” and “Heretic” at this post mostly I think its cool someone is rocking a old school high end steel frame on a current race bike.


  • Trailer Park Cyclist

    Now we’re talkin’ baby! That bicycle looks fast just sitting there.

    Laterally stiff and vertically stiff, too, eh?