• BeaterRezQ

    I love everything about that bike. It has parts that you might not ever see anywhere, anytime.
    The two racks and the fancy chain guard have me filled with envy.
    …just ride it as is with head held high.”

    • Eyroton Senna

      I have one

  • Trailerparkcyclist

    I agree with Beater. A natural beauty. Congratulations on your prize.

  • Ryan Surface

    What a cool ride! I love those racks and front one with integrated headlight is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. magnifique!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I covet those fenders. And the chain guard… That’s a keeper.

  • John H

    Whats the purpose of the bicycle license? Are they required for the bike and the rider?

  • Trailerparkcyclist

    John, when I was a wee Hoosier boy in the ’60’s each year a police officer would come to our school with a box of miniature metal license plates. In exchange for a dollar, he would record your name, make, serial number etc and give you a plate.

    Not a bad idea, except if the gov. started doing it again they would probably run it through the DMV and the tag would cost half a weeks pay and require standing in line for hours waiting to be made angry by the drone behind the desk.

    At least that’s how they did it in my day. Those tags would make a cool collector’s item .


    • BeaterRezQ

      nice tidbit of information there. I knew it to be a form of registering the bike
      to said owner–as far as the sticker for the frame, but I always thought the metal license plate was just a novelty item. In good days gone by the local law tracked ownership through the actual plate, nice.
      to note: I would rather have a colonoscopy than go to the circus we call DMV.

  • Andy M

    Thanks for the great comments. I really like this bike and intend to just ride it and keep it maintained and fairly authentic. Original paint will be kept and it will never ever ever be a”fixie” Ugghhh!

  • L’aviateur

    Putain que ce vélo soit beau!

  • Lebez

    I really admire the Art Deco, winged chain guard.
    We acquired a frame like yours minus the awesome racks and a seat and a seat post. It’s good to see how it should look if it had all its parts.

  • Eyroton Senna

    I just found this bike at a yard sale in original condition

  • Eyroton Senna
  • Eyroton Senna

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