• http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Fantastic bike, Your planed changes for her sound spot-on. There is just something about a vintage Raleigh that just really………I can`t think of the words, But you know what I mean.
    It was my brother`s Raliegh Competition (first year for the model) that got me hooked on classic road bikes. Great Choice!

  • Joe B.

    “Pristine condition” is the first thing to pop into my mind. I didn’t see a bit of rust on it!

  • Steve

    What a beauty!!! Such detail could never be found on oine of todays machines. By the way, should you decide to replace the Modolo’s, I’d be interested!? I have speedy’s now and lov’em. Some back-up/replacements would be great! Enjoy your exceptional find!!

  • http://everhandy.com Jim Basara

    I am sooooo… jealous!

  • sveno

    This bike is a beauty! I have a pretty similar one, and I can give you a simple explanation for the fact that you’ll hardly ever find two of these with the same components. I found out from a 1980 catalogue that back then the only way to get hold of a Competition in this coulour was to buy a frame from Raleigh, and then rig it up yourself. Funny you are planning to give the brakes a chop, it was the one thing I changed. I went for a pair of 600EX Arabesque instead of the Weinmanns.

  • Ramon

    A while ago I found a bike on the side of the road, she was in a horrible condition. When trying to find out what the specs are from my bike I found yours, Its exactly the same!

    Exept the detailing has been worn on mine ofcourse, Stille lovely to see some are still out there (even in New Zealand) Love the old Raleighs!

    Mine has frameno. 1004000 guess its a ’81?

    Anyway, lots of riding fun!

  • Stephen Melville

    I just bought one almost the same. Same color and carlton workshop decals but it’s a 12 speed. The paint isn’t great, there’s a fair bit of surface rust, she rides like a dream. Has a frame number ws1001068, I think that the last number is an 8, it’s hard to read.