• older1

    Well done, Annalise!
    I just can’t get over how the simple conversion to tourist handlebars/levers completely transforms any obsolete drop-bar mixte “racing bike” into an honestly practical bike with a genuinely pleasing and classic appearance (of course, the woven basket and rear rack add to the overall appeal).
    I’ve always seen drop-bar mixtes as unfortunate mutations, unsuccessfully imitating the design/function of their higher-performance, horizontal-top-tube siblings, but when rebuilt as a “tourist” style bike, everything changes!

  • http://trailerparkcyclist.blogspot.com Tim Joe Comstock

    Yeah, Older1 I just want to second your comment. My grief is that such a conversion is economically unfeasible in my quest to find old steel, convert it and market it as an alternative to BBBSO’s. ™

    By the way, you seem to be especially knowledge-filled’
    Blogging? If not, drop by mine and be a resident expert. Lord knows I need one.