• http://reidsvillebicycles.com Bill D.

    I love the pictures and the bike. Great to see what’s happening in cycling elsewhere in the world.

  • older1

    The urban-cafe photo is well done, Annalise!

    Due to the nearly-hostile choice of overt battleship-grey paint, I’m going to speculate the retailer next door desires to disassociate thier undeniably shared boundary, loudly declaring they don’t quite appreciate the creative graffiti on their neighbor’s casual facade.

    The contrast couldn’t possibly be more distinct, but the winsome green OTS seems precisely positioned in a deliberate attempt to successfully bridge this conflict!

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Nice photograph Annalise the urban setting is fantasic. Also I love the chrome fork tips. Thunderbird and Eagle II are both Shimano derailleurs.

  • Charles

    Wow! This is the opposite end of the universe from the standard crumby garage door background. One of the best ever!