• HappyHumber

    Repco were the local Aussie brand name for Nishiki frames as they’re more popularly known in North America.

    Not to diminish the value of Annalise’s post; I would love to find a ’86 Repco Traveller to restore – to fill a long empty void since I trashed my prized 12th Birthday present at about age 17. What goes around, comes around I spose….

  • Sunnyskies1@bigpond.com

    Well, what a nice bike the continental, My son has just found a repco bike made down there in huntingdale and he is going to do it up–I” get him to put some photos up when its finish
    Jmac Qld

  • Alice

    Nice bike! I bought the same one for $15 at my local Vinnies. In good nick, hardly riden. I have changed the break lines to pink and have different handle bars but otherwise the same.