• http://www.bigoakbikes.blogspot.com Bill Lambert

    That bike reminds of my old beloved Collegiate I bought for delivering newspapers in 1973. It was a real workhorse. I rode that thing all over until the wheels rusted. I sure miss that bike.

    Thanks for bending the rules to let me relive some of the great moments I had with a great bike!

  • Nate

    I just bought a ’76 I believe with dropbars; no rack or fenders, and a hideous road racing seat. I can’t wait to ride it. I am looking at putt either touring bars or a flat riser road bar on it, I do not like the feel of dropbars. I’ll get some fenders and swap the rack I have off a late 70’s Columbia Trans Am I have collecting dust in the shop.

  • Custom Cruiser

    Schwinn Collegiate 5 Sp. Mild custom/Restoration. (Before pics seen
    in group photos) Fresh coat of red paint (frame), Flat Black fenders
    and Gloss Black to the crown of the chain guard along with replacing the
    bent front rim in with a matching rim same as came on the bike brand
    new. Handle bars have been replaced with close to the same as original
    Butterfly Bars but a little lower and slicked back at the grips than the

    Next and final improvement will be better Brake Levers and Calipers.