• Tim

    Wish I could find a C. Itoh. There was a shop here in Phoenix that sold them in the very early ’70’s for “$62.50 in a box”. They were as cheaply made as the times allowed but were still way ahead of AMF and Huffies of the day.

    A friend of mine bought one and we commuted together at times. He beat me in a downhill rolling contest with my Sports Tourer.

    • tyrone johnson

      This is mine. Interested? CI Itoh

      • tyrone johnson

        Ride it almost every day. It’s better than my others

  • Art F

    Don’t know if I’ll ever see another C. Itoh . Nice thing about them is that the thrift stores never heard of them so if they have one they will sell for about $30 while a Schwinn , Raleigh , or Fuji will be priced at $149 which if lasts until a holiday sells for 50% off or $75.

    • tyrone johnson

      I have a nice one,in great condition. Original everything. CI Itoh

  • Hugh

    I have a C.Itoh on the way. (my first) I am paying 20.00 for it. It is in rough shape but I could not resist. The bike has been dragged around by the original owner for years. Until finally he left it outside last summer, where it has remained since. The first order of business will be “cutting-off the chain”. I have a feeling this too will be a “break-even if I`m lucky ” restoration.

  • William Kropp

    Changed tires andcan’t remember how to get the rear derailleur back on.anybody have any pictures or advice?

  • William Kropp

    should have mentioned it is a pinnacle 10-speed with Falcon derailuer. no idea how old it is.

  • Freeman Lowell

    In the 70’s I found a light blue Itoh 10 speed in Halle’s Department store in Cleveland Ohio. I fell in love with it and begged my parents to purchase it for me for Christmas. They did. I remember Christmas eve when I went downstairs and rode it around the house. A year later at 15 I fought with my mother to let me ride it outside our yard (it was Cleveland after all), after winning that argument I rode that bike hundreds of miles in every direction. I took it with me to college in the 80’s and in the summer between my sophomore and junior years it was taken by the superintendent of my apartment building and presumably put in a dumpster. If I had all the money in the world and I needed a bicycle and if there was a God, that is the only bicycle I would ask for.

    • Deb Bremer

      I just took my C Itoh out of my shed. I bought it new in 1975. It’s still in excellent shape as I probably haven’t ridden it in 30 years. Is it with much if I want to sell it?

  • John

    I just bought one at a yard sale for $7. It simply says Ci Itoh Japan on the head badge. Only has single Ci Itoh sticker on seat tube. The rear derailleur dates from 73 – 76. Lugged frame but magnets stick to lugs. Is scratched and slight surface rust here and there. Seems solid, rear rim has one slight outer bend on brake track. Put new tires on it, lube etc, and it rides fine. If anyone has any interest I could provide pics. Would be interested to hear any info about it.