• Mark Lapakko

    I had a 24″ Varsity of the same genre. Weighed a ton but looked nice. Shiny chrome, clean paint, New white bar tape. 100 bucks on Craigslist. Took 2 months but sold for full price to a couple with a young son wanting a road bike. Hang in there. It’ll sell eventually.

    • Art Fabel

      I sold it for $95 in about 2 weeks . But I had to do some warantee work which I didn’t detect because the bike was too small to give an adequate road test. On of the freewheel cogs was worn and the chain skipped. Because this was a positron front freewheeling system the rear freewheel was unique and I didn’t have a removal tool . but I was able to cut cogs off with a Dremel carbide wheel and then remove the freewheel body by clamping in a vise .Tjhen I put on a standard 5 cog freewheel . Baby Schwinn is now happily travelling the trails of northern Virginia.