• Mike

    Wow digg the Regina head tube badge,
    you just never hnow what you will find next.
    -Tons of great info on this site

  • older1

    Never seen one before, Art, but congratulations on an OTSG First. Are those 36-spoke rims front and rear? Great find!
    The chrome-foil-sticker headbadge tends to be a distinct feature of mass-produced/marketed bikes (of no particular distinction), though, but it still looks like it would be a quality ride.

  • Al

    Art-I enjoyed my Regina for many years and will tell you what I know. I purchased mine new from a competitive local bike shop in the 1970’s. At the time the Peugeot UO-8 retailed for about $160. I did want the Peugeot but the Regina was about $135 and looked to me to be outfitted the same as the Peugeot.

    In addition, the Regina also had a more generous length between the seat post and front stem and, being a tall person, I could appreciate this. Some of the parts are interchangeable with Peugeot. (A stronglight crank will work in the crankset). I have not seen many others around at all.

    I recently gave mine to a bicycling friend and he is still riding it.

  • eric bunnell

    I have a Regina Sport!!!! The one I have is Reynolds 531 and has Zeus dropouts. Must be two of them in the world. I never could find anything on the old bike. Last year I bought the frame on Feebay and built it up mostly Campagnolo. Shes a fine old bicycle, rides a lot like my PX 10.

    • Malcolm

      Hi! I just purchased an old Regina (identical to the one in the picture, save mine looks slightly older and has more elaborate lugging). How did you find out that it was a Reynolds 531, and Zeus dropouts? Do you know what type of 531 it was?

    • lee

      ive just bought thi regina sport. whats it worth as it is thanks

  • Jim

    Had a Regina Sport in the 70s, complete with the Simplex derailleurs and the Weinmann center pull brakes. It was a great bike, right up until the time it got stolen. And yes, it was locked. A friend from high school also had one just like mine in a different color…he might still have his for all I know. Currently have a Bridgestone Kabuki from the 80s, comparable to the Regina but with SunTour derailleurs. Still the same center pull brake design, although maybe not Weinmann anymore.

  • mary

    I also have a Regina Sport bike that I was given by a friend. I believe one of her friends found it at a garage sale in California and fixed it up. The Decals on it show that it was from Troy, Michigan at some point. I don’t know a ton about it and was excited to stumble upon your page. Mine is an orange A-frame style, has the center pull brakes and dimpled rims. It’s pretty heavy but I love it so. Wish that I could find out more about it’s origin!

  • rick

    hello friends; on a lark i was searching the interweb for info on my old bike. that’s right, a white regina sport. it has sat in my garage for a long long time.it was given to me by my folks when i graduated from high school in syracuse ny. 1973. took it with me to college at cu boulder colo. was my primary mode of transportation for years. many years later, my 16 year old son bugs me to get it out so he can check it out. the young guys these days are totally into vintage 10 speeds. with a little cleanup + wheel truing, it’s back in action. being ridden everyday.

    i’m so happy to have found your site. when i saw the picture, i couldn’t believe my eyes. my bike is exactly the same as the picture. except the handlebar tape was a plasticy white.
    came w/ a simplex derailleur. cracked some where along the way. refitted w different components along the way, as needed.

    great bike. served me well. now being ridden by my son. someday i will tell him the story of a bunch of us streaking through the colorado campus on bikes,circa 1973. not for a while, though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=8208020 Malcolm Dibb

    I just purchased an old Regina Sport (also white) at a used bike lot. I don’t know why, but the frame spoke to me. Mine, however, has a more elaborate lugging style, but otherwise they seem to be identical. Do people think that it is worth building up as a city bike? The lengthy wheelbase makes me cautious, but the track-length trail (29mm) makes me very eager to test out her handling! Any advice?