• http://www.grinderswheelsblogspot.com Jon Grinder

    That’s no UO-8. The UO-8 had steel clincher wheels, no derailleur hanger and a steel cottered crank. What you have there is one of the “P” series (P-10, PX10, etc). A nice Reynolds 531 framset and high-end parts.

    Lucky find for 50 Euro!

  • http://www.eth3r.co.uk Roger Taylor

    Hi, I’ve been trying to find what model this is for ages. I have the same model, on the frame it doesn’t really say it just says 106 or something. These are great bike’s. I’m currently trying to find a new front wheel for mine as someone stole it. Don’t suppose you could email if you know anywhere I can find one. They’re an odd size by today’s standards 26″‘s I think. I can’t remember now I’ve had to put it in storage as I’ve been to busy.